SCADASuite allows you to maximize the value of your automation investment. SCADASuite introduces a suite of configurable applications to meet your automation needs. Compared to conventional custom programming in ladder logic, SCADASuite applications are more stable, execute faster, are easier to deploy and easier to debug.


SCADASuite has two main components: A PC Configuration Program to manage applications on the RTU, and the applications on the RTU themselves.


The PC Configuration Program allows you to:


  • Manage different application configurations at multiple revision levels.

  • Compare one instance of an application configuration to another to easily spot differences.

  • Upgrade or downgrade an application configuration from one version to another.

  • Retrieve and view detailed diagnostic information from applications on the RTU.

  • Upload and download application configurations to an RTU.

  • Test an application from within the program.

To install, follow the link below: